Marco Lys

Musically active for more than two decades, releasing on almost every important tech-house label in the world, remixing some of the finest dance tracks, and a mastermind in combining the underground with a house twist!

Yes, we are talking about about Marco Lys of course. Born and raised in Italy's iconic Venice, Marco Lys has established himself as a true luminary in the electronic music scene. His unique style blends various genres, seamlessly fusing house, techno, and tribal influences into a captivating sonic experience that ignites dancefloors worldwide.

Known for his infectious beats and innovative productions, Marco Lys has graced some of the most iconic clubs and festivals across the globe. His tracks have consistantly topped the charts, earning him respect and admiration from fellow artists and music enthusiasts alike. His musical journey is a testament to the enduring power of his rhythms and melodies, making him a true icon in the world of dance music.

His unique sound of tech-tinged house is created with only one goal, crowd satisfaction. His tracks have always had big support from house and tech-house lovers, which has now made him the #10 best seller in the House section on Beatport. Not only is Marco a Beatport chart topper with over 430K monthly listeners, he is one of the most listened to tech-house artists on Spotify.

One of his latest remixes called ‘Brighter Days’ by Cajmere feat. Dajae, has become the hottest remix of 2023, supported by many great artists. It also went viral on tiktok and many top music instagram channels.

If you want to hear more Marco Lys, check out; Black Book, VIVa Music, Circus, Bambossa Records and SBJKT!



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